While Doğuş Technology continues to grow in itself, it has put into practice Sekerpınar campus in the first half of 2017 and R & D structure with a total of 220 qualified employment in Maslak campus in the second half of the same year. It has taken its place among the top 50 companies of Turkey that have the best growth in the field of technology. R&D Center continues its vision of becoming a company with high added value by increasing cooperations with universities as well as investment of gains obtained with its operations that is made to its employees and supports

2017-2018 studies

Our R&D Competency Model titles, which we have created together with the R&D Center structuring, are as follows. With the Competency Model, our aim is to turn development into a corporate culture in all fields of Doğuş Technology and to popularise the work carried out with the staff award incentive mechanism. We aim to make our system permanent with the R & D Games award ceremony, which we will organize for the second time this year.


University Cooperation


Abroad Conference


Domestic Conference




Patent Application

R & D Innovation Ecosystem Cooperations

For the development of our existing projects and new business ideas, there is constant communication with other R & D companies and Start-Ups, and opportunities are created for new business ideas.

University Cooperations

In addition to increasing the self-competence of our staff in the development of our existing projects and new business ideas, it attaches importance to Industry-University cooperations to internalize industrial practices through academic studies.

Projects and R & D Performance

We have 20 projects in 8 different sectors with the application of new technologies with innovative solutions and our investments with new technologies by increasing our innovation capacity.

Participation in National and International R & D Support and Cooperation Programs

Every year, by participating in overseas programs, new technology solutions are closely examined and opportunities are created for the field of application in our R & D projects. We have made applications as a company for nationally supported projects and we are open to cooperations for projects with partner.

Training and HR Development Policy

In-house and out-of-house training plans are made every year for the monitoring and personal development of our qualified personnel. For our staff who continue their education life, there is half a day off for undergraduate students and one day for PhD students in a week.

Technical Content Production

We give support for National-International peer-reviewed technical articles and we have study for "Technical Writing Production" for the research of future technologies and information sharing with 3-month topics that we gamify within the company.

Intellectual Property Management

We have an Intellectual Property Committee that is new in Turkey and around the world and has industrial applicability, in which we evaluate the monthly innovation applications from our employees in accordance with the criteria for exceeding the state of the art. A net minimum incentive premium is paid to the inventions about which a patent application has been made.

Innovation Management

We have a laboratory in order for new technologies, new methods, new applications within the company to be implemented for the development of existing business solutions and new business ideas. Thus, project PoC/MVP/Prototypes are put into practice quickly.

Economic Value Creation

We attach importance to contributing to the commercialization potentials of our projects on a national and international scale and solutions to real-life problems.


Human Resource

Technical infrastructure

Business partners

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