There's Development Here

All our employees can benefit from our online training platform, which includes more than 2500 topics from Leadership to Human Resources, from Technologies to Finance. In addition, we also have rich training catalogue where our each employee can demand technology and personal development trainings in accordance with his/her career map.

Our post graduate employees can take half a day off per week and our phD employees can take full days off per week. Financial contribution is also made to our phD employees by the company. Our employees are supported on foreign language with the contracted foreign language schools.

Our employees who have expertise in technical or personal development fields provide training to our employees by being involved in our internal trainer program. In addition, our employees participate in seminars, conferences and certificate programs that are held throughout the year and direct national/international technology and where they witness technological developments closely.

There's Solidarity Here

Town Hall Meetings, where our General Manager and all our employees meet at regular intervals and where the information regarding the company’s actions, taken and to be taken, are given to the employees and where the employees ask questions, take place every two months.

Our DT Breakfast Conversations, which are morning breakfasts where our General Manager and employees meet in small groups, increase communication between our employees and our general manager and ensure a healthy start to the day.

Do’lu Hayat (meaning “Full of Life” referring to the first two letters of Doğuş, “Do”, in Turkish) is a social platform through which Doğuş Technology employees make their communication where they make personal sharing and comment and like these shares. Special opportunities for Doğuş Group are also included in this platform.

There's Life Here

Our social clubs, where new ones are added and grown every year, are established in line with the demands from our employees. Our employees who establish our clubs also organize the activities of the clubs themselves and have a pleasant time together with their colleagues in different areas from different city trips to diving organizations, from art activities and gourmet activities throughout the year.

In order to increase the communication of our employees and to have a lovely time together outside of working hours, we have happy hour events that we carry out at regular intervals just before end of working hours.

We have been participating in the Doğuş Champions League, which takes place in different sport branches with the participation of all Doğuş Group brands, since the year we were established. Thanks to our sportive employees, we collect awards wit our increasing degrees every year.

There's Value Here

We make our breaks during the working period more enjoyable by playing table tennis or foosball. 1 day a month, we work from home, not in this pleasant work environment. When we reach warm weather between May and September, our employees can wear shorts in accordance with the seasonal conditions in accordance with our dress code.

We are on leave on our birthdays. For healthy eating and weight control, we can also go to the dietitian who is in our office on certain days of the week. In addition, we are aware of discounts and brand partnerships special to Doğuş Group and win various prizes by participating in sweepstakes.

As a volunteer communications delegate, we can be the voice of all our employees. When our colleagues have any questions or problems, they reach out to us and we pass these questions to the management team and develop ideas for resolution.

There's Gain Here

With our Talent Scout program, where Doğuş Technology employees recommends the people about whom a reference is given by these employees, in case the person recommended is recruited, our recommending employee is rewarded.

In our company founded in 2012, Seniority Awards are given to our employees of 5, 10 and 15 years.

Managers reward the persons on their team with the Leave Your Mark on the Future system due to the success of a job they do instantly.

Introduction to the Future

Get a Head Start on Your Career with Doğuş Technology!

  • At Doğuş Technology, I not only had experience, but also had a laugh. This experience that I had at the beginning of my career will always be unforgettable for me.

    Hüseyin Onur Aksu

    İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

    Industrial Engineering

    4th Class Student

  • “During my two-month internship period, I saw how business life progressed in a corporate, large-scale company, how agile development philosophy was applied, and I had the opportunity to experience it by being involved in person."

    Orhun Kar

    İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent Üniversitesi

    Computer Engineering

    3rd Class Student

  • “The Introduction to the Future program gave me the opportunity to see ahead in various ways and to walk clearly and confidently to the areas I now look at as 'maybe'. I had the opportunity to take responsibility in the projects and to carry out a rehearsal of my future profession."

    Hamza Uzuner

    Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi

    Mathematical Engineering

    3rd Class Student

Career at Doğuş Technology

At Doğuş Technology, which has adopted a working principle altering the course of a boring and uniformity,
there is room for fun and different ideas as well.

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